Wax Logic professional waxing videos

Wax Logic is a professional salon wax brand created with skin health in mind, effectively removing hair from the first application and leaving the skin instantly hydrated and nourished. All of the products used are available through our store simply create your professional account. 

Take a look at some of our demos and see the difference.

A quick demo of a half leg wax (Part 1). 

The application and removal is quick and easy but most importantly, the skin is not left red or dry, even before applying any after wax oil. 

Wax Logic's products are all about skin health. 

A quick demo of a half leg wax (Part 2). 

Products used for this demo:

- Be Prepared - Duo Sanitiser & Exfoliant

- Moracculous - Mororccan Argan & Jojoba warm wax

- Cool & Calm - Rose after wax oil

- No Frills - Textured & Etched wax strips

- Express Metal Spatula - Straight edge on both sides

- Keep It Clean - Equipment cleaner & Sanitiser

The result of our half leg demo.

The after picture was taken before applying any after wax oil. 

A Before & After of an underarm wax for a regular shaver. 

Once again, the skin is left feeling fresh, not irritated or stressed.

The after picture was taken before any after wax oil.

A "wunderarm"! 

An underarm wax in one strip of warm wax. 

Our warm waxes work best at hot wax temperature, giving you and your clients the same benefits with half the cost and time. 

The Before & After for the video above. 

The "after" picture was taken just as the wax was removed, before applying our Cool & Calm rose oil.

Wax Logic's professional wax products videos

Wax Logic products don't require any additional training and are used the same as any other wax but with a difference in the consistency.  

We have created some videos to help with finding the correct consistency and other tips that we feel can help you.


Thanks to "safe heat technology", Wax Logic's strip waxes are safe to be used and give the best benefits used at the same temperature as hot waxes , giving the client the same benefits and the therapist a quicker, easier and more profitable wax to work with.

Hopefully our videos below will help you see the difference. 

A little demonstration of the correct temperature and consistency of our warm wax.

How does the wax stay on the

spatula at that consistency?? 

It's magic...

Which wax will you choose?

Are you using "Hot Stuff" at this consistency?

You are doing a terrific job... and earning a lot of profit!

Hot Stuff  is perfect for Brazilian waxing, Hollywood waxing, Bikini waxing, underarm waxing and facial waxing. 

Here is the difference between a regular warm wax temperature and a Wax Logic's warm wax temperature. 

Big difference in consistency and ease of application.

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