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A true hybrid, Bling is a liposoluble wax with complexes contained in spheres within the wax delivering skin protection and deep hydration. 

Thanks to "safe heat technology", Bling is used at the same temperature as a regular hot wax of around 55/60 degrees. (in our precision heaters - Temperature in different heaters vary, please contact us for details)

This gives you a much thinner application and because of the added heat, the pores open up freeing the hairs and giving a less painful treatment.


Looking like a sexy lip gloss and having a fruity aroma which will lightly fragrance your beauty room, Bling leves the skin soft, hydrated with a slight natural shimmer. 


Suitable for face and body waxing on any skin type.


Available in 800ml tins and 100ml cartridge.


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Bling - A hybrid, liposoluble wax with plant complexes. 800ml

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