The definitive guide on using and cleaning your metal spatula

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It’s no secret that the metal spatula is regarded by many as an alien and controversial tool.

Seen as a “double dipping” horror, it is despised by many therapists.

One quick glance at social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer a mirage of posts from therapists showing off their incredible collection of disposable wooden spatulas. (sometimes thousands at a time!!)

The wax application process is very simple: pick up the wax from a pot, apply to the skin, remove with a wax strip and repeat.

The ‘repeat’ process is where the problems begin!

The “double dipping” or re-dipping the same spatula into the wax pot, is a dreaded reality and for good reason. The chances of cross-contamination and the thought of other people’s bacteria in the wax should be a worrying thought.

The disposable wooden spatula, however, isn’t the only solution!

Just because you use a metal spatula,

doesn’t mean you “double dip”!

So why is the metal spatula seen as such a controversial tool?

And why do most therapists assume that if you use a metal spatula, you are automatically a “double dipper”?

There are many posts from therapists not appreciating the metal spatula and suggesting that it is unhygienic to use one or that a single use wooden spatula is better practice.

The metal spatula is a powerful tool that speeds up your application and is easier on the clients’ skin.

As any powerful tool, the appropriate use is required!

The metal spatula means you don’t need to use countless wooden spatulas; helping the environment and your pocket!

Yes, disposable wooden spatulas are very cheap and are not an expense that will break the bank! But they are a constant expense that adds up to thousands of £££ every year.

Not to mention that with a wooden spatula, the wax doesn’t flow or glide on the clients’ skin in the same way as it would with a metal spatula.

The shiny and polished surface of the metal spatula ensures that there is no friction between the tool and the clients’ skin, giving clients a better waxing experience.

That same shiny and polished surface of the metal spatula makes it incredibly easy to clean in between each dip, meaning that every time you re-load the spatula with wax, the metal is clean and sanitised.

Let’s explore the safe use of a metal spatula:

Just like any other treatment, waxing requires preparation before the client arrives.

We have the wax on, we have wax strips at the ready, our pre and after wax products, our pre-soaked cotton pads and of course, the metal spatula!

We use the large square cotton pads as they are big enough to wipe the spatula with a soaked part and wipe dry with a dry part.

Using our “keep it clean” equipment cleaner and sanitiser, we wipe the metal spatula with a cotton pad to ensure that It is clean and ready for our client. Although it was cleaned & sanitised after the last client, a little wipe over will ensure that it is 100% ready for the next.

Starting from the essentials, we apply our pre-wax. Our Be Prepared duo sanitiser and exfoliant has been created to dissolve any dead skin cells and break away any surface oils from the clients’ skin, ensuring that the client is ready for the wax application. This is a crucial pre-treatment step that can’t be overlooked!

As you will see from the video below, with one spatula load we cover as large area as we can at once, meaning less time spent back and forth to re-load the spatula.

Please note that the application was purposely slow to highlight the cleaning process of the metal spatula.

Once the first load is applied to the skin, the metal spatula should have no wax left on it and if any, a very minimal amount. At this point, with a pre-soaked cotton pad ready in our other hand, we wipe the whole metal part applying pressure and ensuring that any wax left over is removed and the metal is sanitised. This process is also very cost effective as we don’t need to use a full bottle of equipment cleaner to sit the spatulas into.

This process should be as quick as disposing of one wooden spatula and picking up another!

By applying the wax to the full area to be treated at once, not only do we save time, but we can also put down the metal spatula and pick up our waxing strip ready to remove the wax, meaning we only have one tool in our hand/s at a time.

Let’s get one thing clear, we are not against wooden spatulas, we simply don’t see the need to only use them when we can be more environmentally friendly and hygienic at the same time using the metal spatula.

There are instances where you wouldn’t use a metal spatula and revert to wooden.

These are:

· On intimate waxes;

· If any blood spots appear;

· If you need to re-apply to an already treated area; (although with Wax Logic you don’t need to go over an already treated area as long as the pressure on first application was sufficient)

As we mentioned before, the metal spatula is a powerful tool, but the wrong use can cause serious damage!

The metal part retains the heat from the wax giving you the same consistency from start to finish of the application; however, if you keep your spatula on top of the heated tin or inside the wax, the metal will be scalding and you can burn your client.

To avoid this from happening, make sure to keep the spatula in the spatula holder if you use our heaters, if not, leave it on the trolley and away from direct heat.

There are many ways to look at a metal spatula, but for Wax logic UK, it is a powerful tool that speeds up our treatments, makes them easier for us, for the clients and it’s not a repeat expense!

If you are still not convinced about re-dipping the same spatula in the wax, although cleaned and sanitised, there is another option.

Invest in several metal spatulas and use one per application and keep them in a pot of surgical spirit or “keep it clean”. Once finished the treatment you can clean them altogether ready for your next client.

It is undoubtedly an initial expense and investment, but once done, you will only have to buy wooden spatulas once per year! And not thousands of them…Actually saving you £££!

Please note that some insurance companies only cover a therapist for the equipment they have trained with, so, if you have trained in waxing only using wooden spatulas, you may not be covered if you use metal. Please check with your insurance company!

We hope this blog and our explanation on how to safely use a metal spatula will open your eyes and mind to a different accessory you can use. One that will not only save you money in the long run, but that, however small, will make an impact on how many trees are destroyed every year to produce wooden spatulas.


Niko & Annie

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