The best wax for you!

Best waxing experience for you; improved hair removal, skin health and no pain!

Why is Wax Logic different and what are the benefits?

· Skin health with carefully selected 2 core ingredients.

· Warm waxes used at the same temperature as hot waxes.

· No need to reapply.

· No stickiness left on the skin.

Skin health with carefully selected 2 core ingredients

Not just a wax, but a skin treatment too…Wax Logic combines science and logic to change the way we wax. Of course, we want total hair removal but why stop there?

Unlike traditional waxes Wax Logic’s products have been scientifically created to be kind to your skin.

With 2 core ingredients in each wax, one to protect your skin from the waxing treatment and one to treat it for up to 24 hours after, you can be sure your skin won’t be left dry and irritated but highly nourished and hydrated even before an after care oil/lotion is applied.

Common perception of a wax treatment is that it is painful and something that “has to be done” rather than an actual beauty treatment.

Wax Logic wants to change this perception and wishes to make waxing a beauty TREATment rather than a chore.

Warm waxes used at the same temperature as hot waxes

Wax Logic will remove all unwanted hair with no pain thanks to its “safe heat technology”.

What is “safe heat technology”?

Safe heat technology means that our warm waxes are used at a safe hot wax temperature, around 60 degrees. Traditional warm waxes are used at around 40 to 45 degrees.

The temperature difference will be pleasant on the skin and it will allow your pores to open up and the hairs to be removed with no friction or breakages, leaving no redness on the skin.

Think about it! When you need to have a wax treatment to a more sensitive area, you request a hot wax because it is less painful.

Well, Wax Logic gives you “a hot wax on a strip”.

Please note that our waxes are SAFE to be used at this temperature & consistency. A traditional wax should not be used at the same temperature to avoid burning the skin.

No need to reapply

Something very important that sets Wax Logic apart is the fact that the wax does not need to be re-applied. Although it is safe to do so, the re-application of the wax to the treated area means that the skin is further traumatised.

This is where you can see the difference on your skin after you try Wax Logic!

After just one correct application of the wax, all your unwanted hairs have gone and your skin looks already soft, hydrated and not stressed at all.

This also means that your waxing treatment is much quicker!

No stickiness left on the skin

Thanks to the fine viscosity at which Wax Logic’s warm waxes are used at, the layer of wax applied to your skin is super thin. Once all of it is removed, together with your unwanted hair, there will be NO stickiness left on the skin!

That dreaded feeling of sticky stickiness that you once felt is now a distant memory!

Wax Logic’s treatments will transform your waxing experience, leaving you with super soft skin for 4-6 weeks or even longer (Once a waxing routine is established)

Waxing is a necessity, but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it.

Ask for the best wax you can have and enjoy a waxing TREATment rather than a chore!

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