Salon hygiene: the spotlight is on

How important is salon hygiene when waxing?

It has never been more important to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are carried out and maintained, whether it be a salon, training school or home beauty salon.

With the impact of the Coronavirus, everyone is focused on their hygiene standards and protocols.

We are firm believers that coronavirus or not, hygiene, especially in salons or beauty treatment rooms, should be of utmost importance ALL of the time.

What is the definition of hygiene?




  1. conditions or practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

Before the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the closure of all salons, hygiene was already a vital part of our industry. Now the spot-light is on, the focus is on changes that need to be made in

order for salons to safely reopen; the truth is, as an industry, we already have an advantage as hygiene has always been a priority.

Self cleanliness - Therapist hygiene standards

The first port of call for hygiene, is the therapist.

As the therapist, you should lead by example; self cleanliness isn’t just about washing hands prior to a treatment, a therapist should have:

  • Clean, tidy tied back hair;

  • Nails filed short and clean;

  • Clean & smart uniform including shoes;

Therapists should always care for their skin, body care (including body odour) and maintain a fresh breath throughout the day.

Hand Washing

The best way to ensure clean hands is by a thorough and correct hand washing technique.

A lot of salons will now be and should be requesting that clients wash their hands upon arrival, salons must provide a good anti-bacterial hand wash and disposable towels for the clients use.

The link above will provide you with the NHS poster that you can print and display.

Disposable Gloves

Gloves should be worn for all waxing treatments and changed for every client. You should wash your hands prior to donning your gloves and once removed as the gloves do not protect you. Removal of the gloves should be done using HSE guidelines to avoid any contamination to your skin. The best gloves to use are medical grade Nitrile, latex free to avoid any risk of allergies.

Disposables - Single use

Although something that should have been followed (not necessary) prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, disposables are now essentials.

Everything that can be used as a disposable, should be.

Your couch should only have a protective sheet of disinfect-able material and a disposable couch roll, changed after every client.

If needed for the treatment, use disposable towels, headbands and cushion coverings.

Waxing hygiene standards have always been to never double dip and the use of disposable wooden spatulas is that you dip into the wax only once, apply to the treatment area and dispose.

As we have covered in our previous blog, you can safely use a metal spatula for your hair removal treatments. By following its safe use, outlined in our blog, you will not only save money on disposable wooden spatulas, you will also help in saving the environment and make your treatment a much smoother one for your client.

Maintaining salon hygiene

Sanitising and disinfecting in between clients has always been part of the industry protocol.

It may have been overlooked, especially in busier periods, but it’s not something that can be overlooked upon reopening.

Waxing stations should always be clean and presentable; the station and non disposables, including bottles, should be disinfected in between clients and the necessary disposables for the individual treatment should be kept at your station and refilled after each treatment.

It is inevitable to spill wax on your heater and possibly station and although it may seem like time is of the essence, it is best and easiest cleaned while the heater/wax is still warm.

Using Wax Logic’s Keep it Clean equipment cleaner, the wax will easily wipe away.

It is important to remember that whether you are just starting out or you are a well established salon, beauty room or training school, hygiene standards and protocols should always be followed and reviewed regularly to ensure the safe operation of your business.

You are the face of your business and how clean your working environment is, sets the standards for when a client first meets you.

This is by no means a guideline to what therapists will be required to follow once reopening, it is only an overview of hygiene standards for waxing.

We are not receiving any commission for the links provided in this blog.

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