Frequently asked questions

Do I need additional training to use Wax Logic?

Not at all! Wax Logic is used just like any other wax brand and your current waxing qualification is enough. The difference is in the ease of use, the speed and economy which you can achieve and most importantly, the skin health for your clients. Just take a look at the picture below, the skin before the wax TREATment was clearly stressed and dehydrated. The after picture, taken before any after wax oil was applied, shows the skin highly nourished and hydrated.

Do you offer samples?

At the moment we don't! Our warm/strip waxes come in 800ml tins and the reason for this, is so that we are able to immerse the full spatula in the tin and use as much of the spatula area as possible speeding up your treatments and reducing yout waste. A sample size would not give you the opportunity to see these benefits. We are currently exploring the possibility of introducing a hot wax sample which would include the pre and and after care products necessary to make the waxing treatment the best you have ever performed.

How does "Try Before You Buy" work?

Try Before You Buy is the revolutionary new way of trying a wax brand! We understand a brand change in your salon is a big commitment and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to change. We are so confident that once you try Wax Logic you and your clients will fall in love with the products. This is why we are Introducing... Try before you buy! Simply taylor a kit that suits your business, pay a fully refundable deposit and try it for a full week! If you like it, you keep it (kit cost applies as shown on the price tab minus deposit paid). If you don’t like it, we will arrange collection at no cost to you. Terms & Conditions apply, to find out more or to order yours please email or call 07305614406.

Which warm/strip wax is best?

Ha! Difficult question. All of Wax Logic's warm/strip waxes are suitable for face and full body waxing on any hair and skin type. They all have 2 core ingredients to "treat & protect" the skin giving your treatments an edge. It is a quesiton of preference which one suits you and your clients best, however, if you have clients with strong, coarse hairs, Moracculous will be your one stop wax. SOS is perfect for facial, detail waxing and still performs extremely well on the rest of the body. So, which one will you choose?

Is there a minimum opening order

No! You can buy anything, from a single cartridge to a full kit. We do recommend you use our pre and after care products to see the full benefit of a Wax Logic wax.

How does "Subscribe & Save" work?

Subscribe & Save allows you to get on with your business without worring about a wax order again! How many times have you forgotten to place an order and had to visit a local wholesaler to pick whatever is available? With Subscribe & Save, you choose the frequency (monthly or bi-monthly), the products needed and the date of delivery. An automatic invoice is sent to you 7 days prior your chosen delivery date. You have 3 days to make any amendments and once you are happy, pay the invoice and your order arrives on your chosen delivery date. You can use Subscribe & Save for any order amount, however, if you order £150 + a month you receive a 7.5% discount or £150 + bi-monthly, you receive a 5% discount. Spend over £250 and delivery is FREE. You can skip up to 3 deliveries in any 12 months period with a monthly subscription and 1 delivery with the bi-monthly. Subscribe & Save is not available in conjuction with any other offer.