Benefits of Wax Logic UK

For far too long waxing has been considered chor-ture (a chore/ torture!) At Wax Logic UK we want you to experience better. Never again do you have to endure painful waxing that causes trauma, redness or soreness to your skin! Every single product within our revolutionary Wax Logic UK range has been formulated to be kind to your skin and leave it immediately nourished, hydrated and soothed post-wax.

As a client receiving a Wax Logic UK treatment, you will quickly realise that it is nothing like any other waxing system that you may have experienced before, this is not just necessary maintenance, it is a true beauty treatment to look forward to and enjoy. You will see the difference in your skin after your very first Wax Logic UK appointment; expect it to be calm, soothed, hydrated and nourished, even before any aftercare products are applied!

What to expect from your Wax Logic UK treatment...

  • A consultation conducted by your therapist to ensure your suitability for waxing in general

  • Thorough prep and hygiene steps to ensure your waxing area is clean and primed prior to your Wax Logic UK application

  • The use of skin-kind branded products throughout

  • Your Wax Logic UK therapist to appropriately support and stretch your skin throughout the application process

  • For your super-thin wax application to feel hotter than normal at approximately 55-65 degrees Celsius but still comfortable on your skin thanks to our unique 'safe heat technology' (this opens up your hair follicles to enable your unwanted hair to be removed with ease and comfort)

  • The removal of your wax to be pulled along the contour of the area (parallel and not upwards) at a very fast speed using very few wax strips

  • No need for reapplication - Wax Logic UK removes all unwanted hairs first time, every time

  • Virtually no pain or redness (unless you are naturally very prone to going red no matter what)

  • Your skin will feel immediately improved and pampered

  • Absolutely no mess or stickiness left on your skin

  • Aftercare products that add further skin benefits and that final touch of pampering to your treatment

  • Clear advice on how to look after your waxed area at home to maintain the best results for as long as possible

  • To genuinely look forward to (and not dread) your next Wax Logic UK treatment! And why not? You deserve it!

Find your nearest 'Waxlogican' offering Wax Logic UK waxing treatments local to you via our Salon Finder. Can't find anyone near enough? Recommend Wax Logic UK to your local beauty therapist, as long as they have a professional waxing qualification, then they can sign up to our online store to purchase our skin-kind waxing system! They will then be able to offer Wax Logic UK treatments (and all of the amazing benefits that our revolutionary range boasts) within their business and become a proud Waxlogican themselves!