Created by a Therapist for Therapists

Wax Logic, a new concept in waxing. 

Waxing has changed very little in hundreds of years. Until now!

In our warm waxes, we have used the latest ingredients to create "Skin Health" with our two core ingredients to treat and protect the skin while producing optimal hair removal every time. Our specially formulated warm waxes with the unique 'safe heat technology' allow you to apply them at the same temperature as hot wax but significantly improve treatment time. More economy and profit while the client has a comfortable waxing experience and leaves your salon with smooth and cared for skin!

We have the most up to date ingredients and formulas that give us fast-drying, economical and no residue hot wax. We have matched our waxes with the best range of accessories and complementary products.

If you love waxing, you will love Wax Logic!


Why Wax Logic?

It is time to update waxing!​

Clients perception of waxing Is that of a chore, not a beauty TREATment; in other words, it's something of a necessity!

Yes, it is necessary to wax in some cases, but more often than not, it is a choice.

Wax Logic wants to change this perception by providing therapists with an easier and more economical product and providing clients with an effortless and painless waxing experience. 

Your clients will see and feel the difference in their skin from the first time!

Our waxes are incredibly nourishing and hydrating and can be used on any skin type; they are also suitable for the full body and face. 

Something significant that sets Wax Logic apart is that

the wax does not need to be re-applied. Although it is safe to do so, the wax's re-application to the treated area means that the skin is further traumatised and your treatment time lengthened.

Because the wax doesn't need to be re-applied, you can see the difference in the skin after trying Wax Logic! 

After just one correct application of the wax, all unwanted hairs have gone, and your skin looks soft, hydrated and not stressed at all.

Your waxing treatments will be much quicker!

The feedback from therapists has been fantastic and unanimous so far! The products are much easier to use, less messy and more profitable. 

What will your feedback be?

Wax Logic UK - our story

Husband and wife team Niko and Annie.😍  Before Wax Logic, Niko worked as a coordinator for ‘Honda Trading’ and provided support to me (Annie) to build my dream business, Bellissima Beauty. 💜

We attended Olympia Beauty together in 2017 and came across Wax Logic; the whole stand caught our attention, the setup and the products were clean, clinical and professional. I purchased one tin of wax (it had to be ‘Bling’!) I loved the sparkle and the delicate fruity aroma 💜 , not to mention that I tried the wax at the show, and I was amazed at how little redness I had (I have sensitive skin). Following the show, I used Wax Logic in the home salon, and I loved it. Clients loved it, too, so I invested by trying all of the products and the heaters to go with it. 😊

In 2018 we saw Wax Logic were searching for UK distributors. Niko saw an opportunity to do something together, something we had a passion for,  waxing and Customer care! After discussions and meetings with Conor and Noiren, Wax Logic’s creators, we started building our dream, Wax Logic UK. Niko left his job and committed to Wax Logic.


In November 2019, Niko also took a waxing course to understand waxing and what therapists face. We are dedicated, passionate and promise to bring a quality product that will amaze you and your clients and make your business more profitable. Still, we guarantee you customer service and ongoing support like no other! Our industry is fast-paced, it is about people, and we know time is precious, so from therapists to therapists, we have got you covered. 💖


The Creators of Wax Logic

Husband and wife team Conor Brady and Noiren Carrigg are well-known names in the Irish beauty industry.

Noiren was Past President of CIDESCO section Ireland and president of the Irish beauty Professional association. Noiren, also a principle of their own CIDESCO beauty college for many years and owned three salons. Conor comes from an impressive sales and business background working for Siemens and gaining awards and benchmarks in his career. Noiren, a passionate wax technician, has been pushing the boundaries of how we wax and what we wax with for over 30 years.

Over 14 years ago, after realising that wax had changed very little for hundreds of years and was not meeting the needs of 21st-century therapists, Noiren worked and created "Ultimate Pearl", a huge success. In 2012 after several years of researching and formulating a NEW type of Wax, Wax Logic, the science of waxing was created.

A unique wax range is focusing on the best ingredients and skin health.