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Wax Logic UK is a unique concept in waxing. Not only is it designed to give the client a true treatment that they will enjoy and want to come back for, it has been created to make your life easier!


A key aspect that sets Wax Logic apart is that our waxes do not need to be reapplied (though it is safe to do so due to our skin-kind formulas). Normally, re-application of wax to the treated area means that the skin experiences repetitive trauma and your treatment time, as the therapist, is lengthened. Because Wax Logic UK provides flawless results first time, every time and never needs to be reapplied, the difference in the skin can be enjoyed immediately: Even after just one correct application of the wax, all unwanted hairs have gone; the skin looks soft, hydrated and not at all stressed. 


Not only do Wax Logic UK’s revolutionary skin-kind properties provide better outcomes for the client, its matchless efficiency pays dividends to you, as the therapist and your business. It significantly improves treatment time. You and your salon have a quicker, less messy and more profitable service. More economy and profit while the client has a safer, more comfortable and luxurious waxing experience leaves you in a win-win situation of around 30% more profit and a loyal, repeat client base!

Our warm waxes, which are recognised by the iconic tins that they are packaged in, have been deliberately formulated to be skin-kind with our two core ingredients to treat and protect the skin while producing optimal hair removal every time. Our specially formulated warm waxes with their unique 'safe heat technology' allows you to apply them at the same temperature as hot wax but with significantly improve treatment time. More economy and profit all while the client has an exceptionally comfortable waxing experience leaving them feeling comfortable and relaxed, with smooth and cared for skin!

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We also have coined the most up to date ingredients and formulas to give us our exceptionally popular hot wax, which is:

  • Fast drying

  • Super flexible, NEVER goes brittle

  • Around 30% more economical that the market leader

  • Odourless

  • Highly economical - a little goes a long way

  • Always flawless, one application is always enough

  • Perfect for face, underarms, bikini and intimate waxing

  • Leaves no residue


Wax Logic UK also has everything you need in terms of waxing equipment and both pre-treatment and post-waxing products to ensure that your whole treatment from start to end is promoting the very best skin-health benefits for your client. All of which can be purchased from our Online Store, providing you have signed up with us and submitted your professional waxing qualification for approval. Once you have done so, you join our Waxlogican family. We are always here to support you and answer any questions or queries you may have. You also can benefit from a free listing on our Salon Finder which helps potential clients find their nearest Waxlogican!

Also within this 'For Therapists' area of the website you can find information on how to train with us (if you don't currently have a professional waxing qualification, or simply wish to advance your skill set) along with some really helpful demo videos showcasing different aspects of our range plus access to our blog and FAQ section. Don't forget to follow us on social media and tag us in as many images and reels as you can because we are always keen to showcase your work where possible! Furthermore, if you have any questions or queries at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and get in touch, one of the Wax Logic UK team will be more than happy to help!