30% greater profit
when using your professional waxing products from Wax Logic UK.

Wax Logic's unique products and techniques result in better treatments that are better for the client, the therapist and the salon.

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High quality professional waxing products

Wax Logic's unique strip wax can be used at the same temperature as hot waxes giving you a super thin application and ultimate hair removal with just one application earning the tile of "hot wax on a strip" 

Better for Client & Therapist

The client receives a  waxing TREATment like no other with less pain, less redness and their skin will be instantly hydrated and nourished before any after-care is applied.

The therapist and the salons have a quicker , less messy and more profitable service, giving around 30% more profit!

Let's all fall in love with waxing again!

Created by a Therapist

 managed by Therapists

Wax Logic's products are created by one of the worlds master wax technicians Noiren Carrigg with over 30 years industry experience and

husband Conor Brady.

Wax Logic UK is run by husband and wife team Niko and Annie Foffano; both have a passion for the beauty industry and are qualified wax technicians who  guarantee not only incredible, game changing products but a customer service like no other!

Not Tested on Animals

We at Wax Logic are passionate about all things animal so a firm 'NO' to animal testing and that is on all of our ingredients.

We also do not use parabens or colourants in our oils.

Wax Logic has been scientifically created with skin health in mind.

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